BNC Soccer Foundation Teams

The BNC Soccer Foundation teams have been rostered with a growing group of highly talented players and, throughout the years, have participated in numerous outdoor SOCCER Classic and Travel leagues, as well as Premier tournaments and National Cup Regionals.

In particular, BNC Soccer Foundation teams' players are exquisite, passionate FUTSAL players and active participants in top indoor futsal challenges at local, regional and national levels. For the past several years, they have excelled in numerous futsal competitions, including winning the 2011-2016 MD State Futsal Cups, as well as several USYF regional and national futsal tournaments. They also won the 2011 USFF National Futsal Championship, and are the current u19 USFF national futsal champions.

This summer 2016, BNC Soccer Foundation teams wish to participate in top level futsal competitions, including the USFF Nationals, in San Jose, CA, and the USA Futsal World Championship, in Orlando.  To meet these challenges, the BNC Soccer Foundation would like to send at least two teams, our current defending 2015 u19 national champions (BNC Revolution), and our u17 elite futsal team, BNC River Plate.  This u17 team has been the MD State futsal champions since 2011, under the direction of the recently departed and dearly missed Coach Jose Franco, r.i.p.


  1. 2008 MSI Bethesda Revolution Classic
  2. 2009 Mason Dixon Cup, Hagrestown MD
  3. 2010 SAC Columbus Day Tournament, Columbia, MD
  4. 2010 USFF National Championship
  5. 2011 MD Futsal State Cup
  6. 2011 USSF National Championship, Anaheim, CA
  7. 2012-2016 MD State Futsal Cups (page under revision)
  8. 2014 US Youth Futsal National Championship (page under revision)
  9. 2015 USFF National Futsal championship (page under revision)

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