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For many years, we have supported talented soccer players, most coming from families under serious social and financial hardship. With great personal efforts, our teams of skilled children play at top levels in outdoor and indoor competitions.

Inspired by the results of this work at a personal level, we created the BNC SOCCER FOUNDATION, INC., in 2014. It's an organization aimed at helping talented soccer players get into higher education, especially those with financial limitation. We believe that, properly supported, these children will be able to develop their soccer skills and improve in academic and other needed areas to enhance their chances of obtaining scholarships to attend College.

We would like to ask you to please join these efforts to help these talented children and the goals of the BNC Soccer Foundation. You may help us in many ways, such as donating online or via mail, spreading the word about us among your network of contacts, participating in our fundraising events, providing us valuable suggestions and identifying potential sponsors. Depending of their level of involvement, sponsors could be acknowledged in events, on the radio, our website or, if appropriate, a logo in our team jerseys.


SAC United Premier Columbus Day Tournament



2011 Maryland Futsal State Cup


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